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Grill and Chill DIY Cookie Decorating Take Home Kit

Grill and Chill DIY Cookie Decorating Take Home Kit

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Grill and Chill DIY Cookie Decorating Take Home Kit


🌭 Hot diggity dog! It’s time to “ketchup” on some cookie decorating techniques with this Grill and Chill cookie decorating kit! You'll become a “seasoned” grill master when you're done with this set!

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Pickup Location: 1000 S Coast Dr Costa Mesa CA 92626

This is my apartment complex. I can meet for pickups at the leasing office parking lot. Email reminders will be sent out prior to pick up date with my cell number and pick up instructions. Any DIY kits not picked up by the last pick up time slot will be donated to local families.


What is a Take Home DIY Kit?

Our Take Home DIY Kits are take home kits that contain everything you'll need to recreate this fun themed set of sugar cookies in the comfort of your home along with some step by step picture instructions. This is a super fun activity for kids, spouses, families, and any cookier wanting to practice their decorating skills.


This specific kit will include:

-6  vanilla sugar cookies in heat sealed packaging

- 4 colored royal icing bags (red, black, yellow, brown)

- Picture step by step instructions to walk you through every step

-1 bamboo scribe stick

- Swedish Fish & Toothpicks

- 1 piping practice sheet


What Will I Need To Use Take Home DIY Kit?

Besides the materials we include in your kit, you will need a scissors to cut the icing bags and some paper towels or napkins. That's it!


How Do I Store The Take Home DIY Kit?

We recommend storing the whole kit in your freezer and taking the kit out one hour prior to using it.


How Long Can THe Take Home DIY Kit Last?

Your kits can last for a week or longer. Freezing cookies and icing can keep them fresh for a long time, but we recommend using your kit as soon as possible - ideally in the first week after you've taken it home.

Allergens: Wheat, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and various fruits. are present in the kitchen used to bake these cookies and icing. Please consider your allergies before purchasing.


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